Nancy P. James-Frese Letter to the Editor

I am writing in support of Representative Cory Atkins, who is seeking re-election to our Massachusetts House of Representatives.

Cory has long been a force in the fight against domestic violence and supporter of domestic violence prevention efforts. One of Cory’s greatest achievements has been legislation to expand restraining orders to include victims without prior or current relationships to their stalkers/abusers. Filed by Senator Pamela Resor, the legislation took ten years to pass and was ultimately passed following Senator Resor’s retirement, aided by Cory’s ongoing advocacy.

Well prior to her service in state office, Cory headed up a very successful fundraising campaign for the rebuilding of Renewal House, a Boston domestic violence victims’ shelter. That funding supported a new victim-friendly environment, interior design services, and added privacy for victims and their children.

Representative Cory Atkins has earned my gratitude, my confidence, and my vote. I ask that you give her the opportunity to continue her good work for all of us.

Nancy P. James-Frese

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