Dinny McIntyre- Letter to the Editor

Vote for Atkins

I write to correct the impression created by last week’s letter from PJ Scalzi stating Cory Atkins “did everything in her power to derail the new high school from becoming a reality.” Nothing could be further from the truth; indeed the town of Concord has Cory to thank for her herculean efforts to restore our funding from the MSBA when we had the distinct and dubious honor of being the only town in the Commonwealth to have its high school funding suspended by the MSBA for reasons too complex and sensitive to air yet again, but the parties involved remember the facts.
I served as selectman from 2004 to 2010, and during those years, Cory was an important voice for the town of Concord. In the particular case of the high school, it was only because of the relationships Cory has nurtured over the years and the time she took bringing all parties together including the then treasurer of the Commonwealth, Steve Grossman, that the MSBA restored our funding – the exact amount escapes me, but it was in the order of $30 million, without which, we would not have our new high school building.
The same writer makes equally bizarre allegations about taxes, but I wonder where our new school buildings and our excellent teaching staff would come from if we didn’t shoulder our fair share of taxes. Because she asked probing questions and corrected factual misstatements on the floor of town meeting by representatives of the school committee, some overly zealous advocates drew the conclusion that she was “anti-school.” This is completely misinformed. Other candidates in other races across the nation play fast and loose with the facts. We expect better in Concord. We need Cory’s voice representing Concord in the Statehouse.
– Dinny McIntyre, Simon Willard Road


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