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Support for Atkins

To the Editor:

Posted on our refrigerator is a photograph reminding my wife JoAnne and me of an absolute tour de force by Representative Cory Atkins in answering two constituents’ request for help. The picture is of a group—Cory and I are two members of it—standing behind Governor Deval Patrick in October 2012 at the signing ceremony for passage into law of the state’s first-ever bill exclusively on long-term care insurance (LTCI).  Most importantly, the law holds out the promise of progress towards premium rate stabilization.

The path leading to that moment began in February 2008 when JoAnne and I were utterly stunned and demoralized to learn that the Division of Insurance had approved an over-seventy-percent increase in our LTCI premiums.  We had had no reason to expect anything like that.

I took the issue to Cory, and for over four years she worked tirelessly to help pass a bill that would address our concerns and those of so many others as well. Along the way, she became the bill’s chief sponsor in the House. She took every reasonable and promising step to advance it, even convening a meeting for us at the State House with Commissioner of Insurance Joseph Murphy and Deputy Commissioner Kevin Beagan.

Cory also freed up generous amounts of time to allow her very able legislative aide, Natalie Kaufman, to devote to this effort. Early in 2011, Natalie and I had an excellent meeting at the Office of the Attorney General. The topic of LTCI pricing had not previously been on their radar. Subsequently it arrived there very forcefully.

The struggle to achieve rate stabilization on LTCI policies is not yet fully over. But Cory’s efforts have provided a quantum leap in the right direction. Those efforts and what they achieved also give us an absolutely excellent example of a truly productive alliance between a constituent with an important public policy concern and an extremely able, energetic, savvy representative ready to step in to help.

No one is going to serve constituents better than Cory Atkins does—and has been doing for a long time. It is with enormous enthusiasm that I am going to vote for her to remain our State Representative. I encourage others to join me in doing so as well.

Kenneth M. Deitch

Laurelwood Drive

Full article in the Carlisle Mosquito

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